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Tips for Earning Quality Backlinks

In the past, a link building has been usually seen as a trick in order to have a higher score in the search engines. However, nowadays, search engines are able to distinguish between links, which are earned genuinely, and, obtained links by link building. The effective link building methods these days are not the same as they have been several years ago. This is due to a change about how the search engine is determining the value of web pages. For example, Google wants the websites to score high in the search engine when they are able to provide the visitors with relevant content, through SEO Dubai. The way that Google evaluates backlinks has considerably changed over the past year or so.

Arranging a cross-promotion – To exchange links between websites used to be a famous way of obtaining more links. Nevertheless, Google cares little for this kind of backlink. The more valuable is to cooperate with blogs and websites that are relevant to your business. A great instance of cooperation is to stage a cross-promotion. This a promotional method in which related products/services are greatly promoted by both businesses, for example, the joint promotion of Dubai web Development Company and an online marketing agency. Since the services are complementing one another, it is a great opportunity of placing links to the relevant sites.
Providing quality content – Purchasing links may have worked once, but that time is already past. The Web spam team of Google is exceptional in recognizing bought links. If you are still purchasing links, you will be taking a big risk. This action could result in excluded web pages from the search result in Google search engine. Do not let that happen to your site. Quality content and web design Dubai that is promoted in the right way will receive back links.

Selecting proper directories – To submit to web directories has been a significant part of building a link profile for a site. However, now you need to be more careful when you are using this strategy. Google will be penalizing your website if you have a great number of back links from directories with poor quality. This is why it is essential that you select the right type of website designing company Dubai and directory. You need to always research directories before you submit your links. Some directories are very picky with regard to who they accept.
Participating in the process actively – In the past, many link builders respond to blog posts as a way to generate more back links. However, clever webmasters can easily add a non-follow attribute to this type of response. Meaning, links in comments have ultimately no value to Google. The good thing to do is participate in discussions in online communities and forums.
Embracing social media – Link networks or web rings are ways of connecting different relevant websites together. While the former has mostly fallen out of use, the latter is under severe pressure by the latest algorithm updates of Google. An alternative to link networks is building social networks that consist of people with a sphere of influence online. If a website is shared through social media, which mean that people find the web page relevant.

You have a great opportunity to do better than your competition, so make sure to master the art of link building through the help of quality web designing Dubai.