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Tips to Creating Content That will Earn You Links

Building a successful blog is just more than writing. As a blogger, the right mindset needs to be a mixture of writer meets SEO Dubai, meets social media manager. Content marketing is in need of SEO, and your SEO is in need of content marketing. These are not disparate departments with efforts that are disconnected anymore. An SEO has to know about content marketing and the other way around. It is not possible anymore to apply an SEO strategy content seeing a spike in search rankings. You have to build content that you will be able to use for applying off-page search engine optimization tactics. Knowing some tips as to how you will be able to do it will help you build content that will guide you in earning links in a way that is organic.

Developing long-form content – The pages appearing on the first page of the search have a minimum of about two thousand words in them. The number of words is not essential, but more words in a piece of content means that there is more information that you need to process. Long-form content and SEO Dubai will also enable you to go in-depth regarding the topic. This is going to provide your audience a more comprehensive take on the subject. In other words, long-form content packs much more value for the readers. Google is tweaking their algorithm in order to provide users with this type of pages on the top of search results. To publish longer content on your website will give you the opportunity to rule the search rankings. Writing long-form content is never easy, but using some methods of SEO Dubai will guide you in the process of creating quality content.

Creating e-book – You will be able to boost your long-form content by means of turning it into an e-book. You can turn the e-book into a free downloadable product or a paid product so you will be able to earn from your efforts. With regards to the former, an e-book with SEO Dubai that can be downloaded free helps you to generate leads to your business. Set up a sign-up from where the visitors need to enter their emails in order to gain access to the e-book. On the other hand, for the paid e-books, you can set up an account on Gum-road and upload the e-book there. Furthermore, select your payment method on the website, and link to your e-book from your account to your website. For both, you need to create a landing page in which you will be able to direct your audience so that they will be able to get a copy of the e-book.

Strategic guest posting – For this method, you will not be creating guest posts as a link able asset, but you will be writing them with the idea that they will link to one another. In this way, you can create back links from the editorial content from the publication websites.

Learning how to approach content that will earn you links enables you to hit two birds with one stone. Writing content by means of following the ideas above will let you build and develop link able assets. Rather than building links, your visitors will be doing this for you. They are going to link to your content without a need to tell them, especially with your SEO Dubai.