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5 Ecommerce strategies Proven to increase your sales

Whether your company is just getting started or has a well-established client base, staying on top of the most current ecommerce marketing trends and methods is critical. For your brand, structuring and finally launching an ecommerce website is a major accomplishment. As a result, it’s important to invest in an effective website architecture and ecommerce marketing strategy.

Here are 5 Ecommerce strategies might help you to increase your sales.

 Ecommerce Marketing: Adopt Social Media to Your Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce marketing today is not limited to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click strategies. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram can be used to promote your website and brand awareness in a well-targeted manner. This ecommerce marketing strategy has been around for some time now but it remains effective in driving traffic to websites and increasing sales. Implementing this strategy correctly will involve incorporating paid advertisements on the social media platform, engaging with industry influencers and building fan pages or company profiles. The latter serves as an opportunity for you to display valuable content such as promotional offers, sales, videos etc., which your customers can take advantage of.

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  1. Ecommerce Marketing: Use Email Marketing Efficiently To Drive Sales

Email marketing is a low-cost tool that can be used to drive traffic and increase conversions. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but you should design your email campaigns in a manner that responds to today’s digital customer expectations. Unlike traditional newsletters, e-newsletters are more interactive and engaging so they require less effort from the user. E-newsletters allow you to quickly update customers regarding new products or promotions without having them visit your website directly. In addition, users appreciate receiving useful tips on how they can improve their online experience through timely tutorials or simple informative articles about relevant topics such as social media best practices.


  1. Ecommerce Marketing: Leverage Videos To Attract Customers

Video marketing is a valuable ecommerce marketing strategy proven to increase traffic and conversions. According to Brightcove, “Videos are more than 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google results” so it’s advantageous for your business if you have video content related to your product or service on YouTube or another popular video hosting site. You can include videos within your website, which will give users an inside look at what to expect from purchasing your products online. Ecommerce websites should also leverage social media platforms that allow live streaming, such as Facebook Live or Instagram Stories, in order to directly engage customers with their brand activities around the clock.


  1. Ecommerce Marketing: Segment Your Customer Base To Improve Conversion Rates

Ecommerce marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all solutions, so it’s important to identify your customers’ needs and online preferences in order to have them purchase from your website instead of a competitor’s. According to market research by Econsultancy, “Segmented email marketing has the highest ROI” so you should use an email list created especially for your customers according to their demographics, interests and behaviors. By creating targeted lists with specific elements such as gender, age etc., you can produce more effective ecommerce marketing campaigns that speak directly to your ideal buyer personas. Ecommerce websites must also highlight their “About Us” pages or opt for a blog which will allow them to engage in discussions with their customers and provide valuable insights about product updates, new initiatives and brand activities.

  1. Ecommerce Marketing: Use Personalization As A New Ecommerce Strategy To Boost Conversions

Personalized ecommerce strategies are becoming more popular among consumers who enjoy browsing and purchasing products on an individualized basis. Ecommerce websites that use custom web design can automatically highlight specific products according to the user’s preferences such as location, gender, age etc.. In addition, personalized emails can be used for promotional purposes by highlighting products that match what the customer is looking for based on purchase history. Ecommerce businesses must also focus on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to offer a social shopping experience. Ecommerce websites should give users the ability to create personalized profiles in order to share their favorite products with friends, make product recommendations and discover trending products from specific influencers or brands.

We hope these ecommerce strategies will help you to grow your eCommerce business. If you need any assistance regarding Ecommerce website design feel free to contact us at info@redslider.ae . We’ll glad to help you because we are leading web design company in Dubai with the strong ecommerce web design portfolio.


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