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Tricks to fix Heartbleed Vulnerability on LAMP Server

OpenSSL is preferred by several million websites was found vulnerable to the heartbleed vulnerability. It is really appreciated that this is quick and easy to fix such kind of instructions with the help of Web developers.

Why do I need to fix it?

When this is subjugated, it takes to the memory leakage contents using server to the client. It means server memory factors can be send with great potential to a person exploiting the bug. Here are some best examples of what is on the memory servers presented by the Web development Company!

1) The encryption keys them

2) User names and passwords used on the web

3) PHP Session IDs

4) Data being sent to other users

How can I Examine the vulnerability?

SEO Service providers use a python script to examine the vulnerability on the servers. A single python file that sends the highlighted server, a carefully managed heartbeat message and wait for the server to send back numerous details.  On the other hand, one can use SSL test tool on the website.

Other things to consider- How it Leave an Impact upon you

Is there any software associated to OpenSSL? Ruby, PHP? One needs to do working on them again.

Exchange any API tokens either passwords to use
There is need to create new private key and CSR to enjoy a new SSL certificate
Do you feel like the concern users might have been compromised, then must prefer to change the passwords.