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Customised Groupon Clone Script at Affordable Cost

Customized Groupon Clone Script at Affordable Cost There is a number of software packages within the online business which could respond to the requirements of the web store. And from those packages, Groupon services are considered to be popular wherein a number of businesses’ websites are preferred. Just nowadays, there is a number of companies and also individual traders who are coming forward in order to manufacture the said software and then sell them. And one of the companies would be the Dubai Web Designing Company.


There is a fact that features of Groupon Clone Script that are made by different companies are said to be satisfying still Web Design Dubai would be about having interactive products offering superior quality and so available at a very affordable price. There would be more features that are considered to be customizable and therefore known to be among the best from other companies.

From among the number of useful features of the said Groupon Clone Script some of those features could be chosen by a customer being newly added. Along with the affordability of the Groupon Clone, it has a number of important features such as the following:

Creation of multiple administration accounts along with different privileges

Administrator-operated secure login

Setting maximum coupons for only a member

Creating different deals intended for different categories

Setting minimum numbers of coupons in order to be sold for the deal being purchased through a group

Generation of the auto email for all the customers who opted for the chosen category of the coupons

Expired deals would be displayed on another page

Facilitating payment by PayPal or direct payment through a credit card

Facilitating customers in order to login into the site to enquire about the purchased coupons

Allow the clients to look at the number of the purchase made during the deal

Those are just among the best features of this affordable Groupon Clone Script any could be offered best by Web Design Dubai.

Dubai Web design Company like Red Spider Web and Art Design could greatly benefit a lot from Groupon Clone Script. It might be through upgrading a lot of money by the use of the package. There would always be a fact that Groupon Clone could sustain the business through its most involved mailing system. Once a commerce mailing list is stored, it would be so easy to sustain the dealings.

That’s why Groupon Clone Script is definitely a dependable package for online businesses that could raise money only with a small amount of investment. This affordable package could enhance productivity along with a number of features that could be chosen by the deal maker for customization.

Everything that will be provided in terms of Groupon Clone Script is considered to be at an affordable cost. There would also be a facility intended in order for the purchasers to customize the said script and then install it along with the required features based on their choice. Groupon Clone Script could definitely provide a great advantage in terms of customizability and low price for those that are in line with online businesses.