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Angular JS vs jQuery – A Detailed Overview

Usually the Dubai Web Developers focus the similar dilemma, but which framework is best choice when there is matter of website development?


If you do an analysis of jQuery and Angular JS, the former is a framework and the latter is a library. One can easily plug the library directly linked to the project that is being created, utilize it on priority and do not make any use of it at all. The plugin is actually a supplement to your task/project. However, Angular JS is a complete MVC framework. To avail its features one needs to play with rules. One needs to use in best way either ignore it. It has a fixed model and manages because of which it is optimized as one of the dynamic software development architectures in this era.

jQuery is excellently compiled and organized

It does an effective job when there is need of verifying modules listing on the official portal. Such as if you have a mood to use Data Picker Web Developer can easily download it, use it from the website, and then work on it. Meanwhile if you have selected for JavaScript it will not be difficult at all. One can find itself searching for open source JavaScript code for the Data Picker and the opportunities are that one will be focusing the ones, which have not been verified.

Do not use Angular the jQuery way

Thousands of jQuery Plugins are now easy to access and just with a blink of eye one can plugin something and completely forget about it. On the other hand Angular JS has a completely different style. In such situation one is advised to utilize directives instead. Once it is used one is enough able to develop its own, Angular Way in spite of merging the codes with the plugins.