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Website Designing- Know History & Background of the Website Designing

Although old ways of designing the website are out of use in today’s world. This industry has been rapidly changing along with the technology and the website should be up to date with the environment. However, the first publish of the website Designing Dubai includes creation and implementation of HTML, flash based websites and introduction of CSS. CSS is the abbreviation for cascading style sheets, which allows improving the structure of website and gives the designer more creative control. Web design was launched in 1993 and so at that time browsers used to display images along with some text.

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Then in 1994 world wide web consortium designed, HTML was then established as a standard. There was increasing focus on the website design Dubai in the year 1996.Then flash based came in late 1990s which allow to present more designs options and layout as compared to HTML.  CSS animations came and when browser was available to support them. Mainly the focus was on table layout, images, columns and rows. The abbreviation HTML relates to hypertext markup language. As you know there growing use of mobile devices and web on the mobile and so it is no limited to browsers and desktop of computers.

Nowadays we have number of trends, which are related with present day web design like mobile websites, apps for mobile, responsive designs and hi-res displays. The popularity of I-phone features has affected the design of websites and those features are sleek designs, lack of flash support and focus on thumb navigation. Today there is also increasing use of other devices as tablets, e-readers and smart phones. So Web Designers Dubai pays attention on quality of website as its different on every device.