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Why SMS is the latest channel for customer support

SMS implies ease. It was the first advancement of the mobile revolution. Cell phone wasn’t even a word when SMS arrived. There is near no “interface,” simply the absolute minimum: a recipient and a message. I utilize it to speak with very nearly any individual who believed me with their telephone number.

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Can we extend this simplicity to conversations between customers and brands?

SMS: a missed opportunity for businesses

Today just seven percent of purchasers resort to SMS to speak with organizations, a long ways behind email, voice calls and even post office based mail. Don’t imagine it any other way, however: buyers would love to text organizations, yet few understand it’s a probability.


One purpose behind this may be that text messages are difficult to organize: Should representatives send them from their own telephone or iMessage? What happens on the off chance that somebody tries to call the number? Furthermore, would it be advisable for it to be one number (simple for shoppers to utilize as often as possible) or one for each illustrative (less demanding for organizations to track proficiency)?

How to get started with SMS customer support

Possibly you’re feeling that this is all exceptionally intriguing, however you don’t perceive how you could exploit it. Indeed, the set-up is a long way from complex:

Get an API-ready phone number:

you can without much of a stretch purchase one from services like Twilio or Plivo.

In case you’re truly committed to making texting another client bolster channel, conveying messages from your cellphone or iMessage won’t cut it. Having the right instrument to manage your SMS gives you a chance to track associations the way you would with messages. It gives a unified administration of communications to impart the workload to fellow team members, indexing and pursuit to develop profitable information, and analytics to track key information.