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Why choose us for your campaign?

Why choose us for your campaign? In UAE, there are tons of companies providing SMS marketing in UAE campaigns. However, we are one of those companies offering them for a very affordable price. With only 0.055 AED per SMS, you would be able to start your own campaign. However, there are other marketing campaigns out there, why do you need to use SMS marketing and why do you need to choose us? This is probably one of the questions that you have in your mind and we are here to answer it for you.

choose us for your campaign?

Because it is the trend

Nowadays, almost all people have their own cell phones or devices and SMS is still one of the most commonly used modes of communication.

More effective

If you are planning to start your own campaign, it would be best to select SMS marketing since it has a higher open rate as compared to other marketing strategies.

Reach a wider range of audience

There is no limitation when it comes to sending your SMS campaign to all the persons you wanted to receive it. In addition, you can send either Bulk or Single SMS.

Brand recognition

It is the perfect way for you to promote your brand as well as the products or services that you are offering.

Promotes engagement

The recipients of the SMS you have sent could even reply to it. Thus, it is a great way to know your target audience better by engaging in a conversation with them.

Why Choose Us For Your Campaign?

Fast Delivery

We could send your messages no matter how large your target audience is within just a few seconds. Thus, there would not be time wasted.

Sender ID

You could use your company name or brand name as the sender ID so that your target audience would be able to know that the message was from you.

Reach clients all at once

There is no need for you to send your messagesone by one for you could send it to them all at once, regardless of where they are.

Personalization of messages is possible

We always make sure that your target audience would be able to receive the message you have truly wanted to deliver to them by allowing you to personalize your messages to them.

Scheduling of messages is allowed

We give you the power to select what date and time you would want your messages to be sent.

Online Delivery Reports provided

We would provide you with the delivery report online for it would be much more convenient for you that way.

Sender ID Quick Registration

You would be able to register your Sender ID quickly without the need to pay for it.

No monthly commitment

We would not force you to commit in working with our company for we wanted you to work with us because you trust our services and company.

Dedicated Throughput

We ensure you that all of your messages would be successfully sent to your target audience without any delay.