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What is SEO? Know about Its Basic Concepts

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a procedure of having traffic from organic & free, neutral, and editorial listings on search engines. All the leading search engines as Yahoo, Bing & Google have such kind of results where related content & web pages like local listings, videos are presented and positioned consist upon on what the search engine considers most related to the users. It does not involve payment according to SEO Dubai, as this is with paid search ads.

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The Basic Three Search Engine Concepts


This is the necessary first question that a popular search engine needs to deal with while having a look at any web page. What’s this about? Major search engines want to acknowledge this as this supports them to respond to the user search queries through pages that are related to that query. Various signals are easy to use to finalize the related of the given page. Some of these include:

SEO Service providers in Dubai use the title tag of the web page. As one can expect the title for any document must be a leading indicator of its contents.
Semantic analysis of the content. This is not connected as much as this is used to be appropriate keyword phrases rather the general relevance of a page is observed in the words and phrases used.
Another text used for the links to the page. The text one clicks on in a link also responds as a label for what users would expect to discover once one get on that page with SEO Company Dubai.
Topic plays a vital role of third party web pages consisting links to the page. If various pages regarding automobile topics link to your page selling a used Ford Mustang that is best thing.