Web Designer Dubai Know The Difference Between A Responsive And Mobile Web Design

It’s the age of smartphones. You want to look up for something you won’t go all the way to your system. You will just pull out your smartphone and search for whatever you have in mind. Now, when you look at websites on a desktop and a mobile, there is a major difference – the screen size. Systems usually have bigger screens and smartphones relatively smaller. When a website is displayed on a larger screen it will look different but if a website is not created to cater to the requirements of a smartphone small screen, the website might look distorted and unattractive. A web designer Dubai knows why this happens. The reason is a website needs to be responsive in order to function perfectly on both smartphones and desktop systems.

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The design you see on a mobile is different; it’s limited, restricted. You can see everything on a computer but on a mobile, you won’t be able to see all of what the website has to offer. That leaves out all the good stuff. You won’t be able to know how good the website is and what is has to offer.

With this in mind, responsive design is the best way to go. Responsive websites adjust accordingly to the screen size and everything. Not only that, you will be able to see everything good about the website and it will look attractive on a smaller screen too.

Web Design Dubai is all about adjusting to different platforms and screens, and the best way for that is creating a design that does the same.