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Web Design Trends A Designer Should Follow To Perform Better In 2023

Web Design Trends A Designer Should Follow To Perform Better In 2023. Imagine you’re in the 21st century but wearing clothes from the 1900s! Would you feel confident when everyone else is looking more stylish? It’s not that your clothing is wrong, but staying with the latest trends can give you more advantages from both the present and the past. The same idea applies to Dubai web design. We have collected the most popular web design trends after careful research. These design trends are set to transform the world of colorful and eye-catching web designs. So, take a quick look before the world of web design moves ahead faster than you can catch up!

What Web Design Styles Will Be Popular in 2023?

If you’re beginning a web design business, it’s important to learn about the latest design trends. Being aware of these trends can keep you current in this fast-paced time and make your client’s brands stand out. Let’s start with:

Simple and Clean Designs

Minimalist web design is like a clever trick! It makes web pages simple and easy to use. This means getting rid of stuff that doesn’t really belong.

A study by GoodFirm found that 84.6% of web designers don’t like busy web pages for interactive sites. So, the cleaner and simpler your design, the better your website will work.

Nowadays, lots of people prefer minimalist designs. They look professional and help people make up their minds quickly. When there are fewer things to choose from, it’s easier for users to decide

3D Effects

Exciting 3D Effects on Websites This year, website designers are going all out to create amazing experiences for users. They’re using 3D visual effects to do it. And guess what? It’s a good thing!

3D visuals are design techniques that can quickly catch the user’s eye. They make websites more interesting and help users find what they’re looking for. Plus, they make a webpage stand out from the rest.

Look at the did NFT website as a great example. It’s packed with interactive features and cool animated stuff.

If you want to make a 3D design that really sucks people in, you need the right tools. Things like wireframing, prototyping, and creating 3D models and assets for your website.

Typography Layouts 

Typography layouts in web design trends are all about using text in smart ways – like fonts, colors, sizes, and spacing. Designers have been paying more attention to this in recent years.

Typography is a big deal because it grabs people’s attention and keeps them interested in a website. Plus, it’s a bit like keeping things simple. It tells the story without making it too long and boring. This kind of design also shows that words are just as powerful as pictures.


Brutalism, a style in web design from the mid-2010s, has evolved into something called neo-brutalism in the last five to six years. This new style is all about encouraging creativity in design.

If you’re a designer, you can use neo-brutalism to create user-friendly and minimalist designs. Look at Gumroad, for example. They use monochromatic colors, big text, and empty space to make a simple and focused experience for users.


Scrollitelling’ is a mix of ‘storytelling’ and ‘scrolling’ on a website. Designers use various scrolling techniques, like going sideways, to guide users through a story. This is great for long articles or pages that reveal products or share info about a company. 

It makes things more interesting for readers and viewers. By telling a story this way, designers can connect with users, understand them better, and make a psychological impact.

Scrapbook Style

The scrapbook style is a trendy design used by creative people on their websites. It looks like a real scrapbook with handwriting, torn paper, stickers, and doodles, just like in a physical scrapbook.

This style is popular among artists, designers, and writers who want to show their creativity and unique style on their websites. It’s a fun way for a Dubai web designer to make a website that people remember and enjoy. Scrapbook style uses different patterns, colors, animations, and pictures to create a special and engaging user experience.

Parallax Scrolling

 Parallax scrolling is a popular web design trick nowadays. It makes things in the front of a website move faster than the stuff in the background. This makes the website look cool and gives you a more immersive experience

Check out how the FireWatch website uses the parallax scrolling effect. They made different parts move at different speeds in their main section to create a cool 3D look.

Unusual Grid Layout 

Unusual grids are a cool way to make your text and pictures look interesting. They help designers arrange things in a neat and attractive way. This makes the design look clean and organized.

In Dubai web design the Broken grids are really useful in web design, and they’re becoming a big trend. Look at the Cafe Java template for a clear example. 

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a popular trend in web design these days. It’s been gaining importance since 2020.

Dark mode has lots of benefits for users. It can save their device’s battery, make content easier to read, and even improve how things look. Plus, it can help users stay focused on a webpage because it’s easier on their eyes.

A recent study found that many people have issues with their eyes, and most of them prefer dark mode over light mode on their devices. So, using dark mode can make a lot of users happy.

Check out the Dorik Noushi template for a good example. They use a wide range of colors on the background and buttons, and they add a cool neon effect when you hover over things.


Before you start using the cool Dubai web design trends for 2023, think about what your visitors want on your website. Not every design trend works for all kinds of websites. Simple designs are good for business websites.

But if you have a creative website, the scrapbook-style design works great. However, when you pick a design, it’s smart to follow a complete web design guide so you don’t miss anything important.