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Web Design Dubai Don’t Stuff Your Design With Text And Too Close

The most overwhelming thing in a website can be text and a lot of it. When the entire page is jam-packed with text close to each other, people can get confused and overwhelmed. It can easily annoy the viewer and he might leave to another page. In short, for Web Design Dubai to look professional, you need to follow a simple room, if you think there’s not enough room for breathing, give it some space.

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When a text has proper space, it will be easy for viewers to focus. Experts are of the opinion that designers should never ever overwhelm the viewers by giving them walls of texts. A little text is fine but too much can to sometimes daunting. No one has that much time to read the entire text. So if you fill a page with loads of text that is hard to read because of the space issue, readers are only going to get frustrated.

However, the text is quite necessary for a website. No Web Designer in Dubai can do away with it. the key is to add enough text and give it enough space so viewers can read it without getting annoyed.

Another thing you can do is add icons or images. Use them as alternates to clear your point. But make sure you are doing it correctly so viewers know what you’re talking about. Only this way will you be able to get the audience you need and make them stick to your page.