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Usability Mistakes that You need to Avoid in your Next Project

Usability in web design is regarded as confirming that users find the websites conveniently to use and understand, relatively effectual and gratifying. One of the biggest challenges Dubai Web Designers face to support web design is communication tricks with intending users so that they can find it convenient to use.

Zero navigation support

One of the main problems most visitor face with some websites is that it is quite difficult moving around these sites. Some Dubai designers do many mistakes when there is matter of providing navigation support for their websites.

Open link in a new window

Many Web Design Portfolio gives assurance that web links will open in a new window. But this is an incorrect move. Visitors always want to be in control of web interface whenever they are connecting with it, if the designer decision is not alike that of the visitors then there is big hassle. Utilizing connections to open in a new window overrules the decision of users. Users thinks that when they will open a link it needs to open in the same window.

Cluttering a page with content – no room to breathe

There are few designers who clutters their web pages using content, videos, pictures, buttons and other elements without any breathing space. To be very sincere this is little bit irritating. The practice comes across because customers want to generate additional revenue through banner ads. The importance of white space is that it makes the page order more related, less clutter and visitors are allowed to scan or read it. When there is bare space between your images, paragraphs and other elements the content is readable, visitors will feel relax when they are processing the spaced content.