List of Top IT Companies In Dubai UAE That Emerges In Mena Region

When it comes to IT there are so many fields that a person can select from. Ranging from simple Data entry work to advanced back end programming, IT Companies Dubai is the most recruiting companies of the 21st century. Over the past couple of years, there is no debate that Dubai has successfully build its trademark in economic development and usage of advanced products and services. There is no debate in saying that UAE especially Dubai has become one of the fastest growing city in the globe. Here we have a detailed list of Top IT companies in Dubai that are best in their own terms.


People are searching for information online nowadays rather than using traditional methods like newspapers, Podcast or Radio. Electronic devices have become our modern day habit and it is good in some terms that it provides current information to their visitors. IT companies in Dubai are using the innovative idea of the internet to spread information on a larger scale. Some of these companies have become multi-million dollar companies growing at a very rapid pace. Each company is specialized in their own terms and creates thousands of jobs not only in Dubai but also in its neighbor countries.

If you’re a starter or professional person in a specified field, then working in Dubai is the best professional choice you can make with minimal investment. These companies are ready to recruit IT based person for different vacancies. Searching for Online services in Dubai is crowded. This makes Analyzing, sorting, and searching one reliable name from thousands of companies in Dubai is a tough task to achieve. If you’re thinking of Outsourcing your projects to other firms then here we have provided all the best companies IT based companies in Dubai.

Top IT Companies In Dubai

A detail list of all the best IT companies registered in Dubai is provided below. Get a free Quote from each of these firms or visit their Career page to see the newest job opening.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. – We make IT possible

If you have an idea on how to develop and design your custom website then CIS is the best choice you can have. Their specialized developers are offering all kind of development work with more than 12+ years of experience in the IT industry. CIS is also the most widely firm used for Artificial Intelligence. CIS also has the right expertise for each field that will guide you to your technological needs.

Best services provided by CIS

  • Mobile Apps and Games
  • Web, BI/AI, Crypto, AWS
  • UI/UX/CAD Design
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • VR/ AR, IOT, and Wearables

Red Spider – Web and Art Design

Red Spider company is not only specialized in Web and Art design but has also earned their value in the Digital Marketing industry. When it comes to the list of top IT companies in Dubai, Red Spider has gained its reputation in a short span of time. That’s why it has completed 100+ multinational projects with 100% client satisfaction. They also offer premium web hosting services that are affordable as well as superior to its competitors.

Best Services Provided by Red Spider

  • Dubai Web Design and Web Development
  • Logo, Graphics and profile Desing
  • CMS and E-Commerce Solution
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Business Consultancy


Go-gulf is another software development firm started in the heart of UAE, having 100+ satisfied clients in recognized global industries. Go-Gulf is best suitable for Custom made websites because their staff can better understand the need of each client and what they want. They use traditional methods of collecting information from clients in a piece of paper. These methods sound old but are the best to understand the needs of a client. Go-Gulf is dedicated to providing quality services to their users which will boost their income by offering international website development standards.

Best services provided by GO-Gulf

  • Custom Website Development and Desing
  • Security and Hosting provider
  • E-commerce and Business website development
  • Business consultancy
  • SEO and Web Analytics

Careem – Let’s Go

Cream Logo

Careem is a globally recognized cab driver service that operates in 13 primarily Countries. Based on the whole IT based scenario careem is always looking for dedicated individuals that can best serve their firm. Careem also wants to expand their company in different countries. The Careem company first started their operation from Dubai in 2010 and it is now successfully running in 80+ cities worldwide. This company truly revolutionized the IT and transport industry and aims to provide services for both customers and clients. Careem is no-doubt one of the best IT companies in Dubai that you should consider applying.

Best services provided by Careem-Let’s Go

  • Big Data Engineer and Data Analyst
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine learning programming
  • Community Management
  • Agile Coach

IntellectSoft – Enterprise Software Development

intellectSoft is a global recognized full-cycle Software and web development company specialized in niche-based technologies. Founded on 2007, intellectSoft is helping companies achieving their goals in this competitive marketplace with higher impacts. Intellect has 10+ years of operation in this marketplace with 500+ loyal clients and 6 Offices globally. This company is the only IT company that is fully focused on Modern day technology like BlockChain. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, FinTech and Augmented Reality.

Best Services Provided by IntellectSoft

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Testing and QA
  • IT Consulting
  • UI/ UX Services
  • Enterprise Software Development and DevOps

IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd – Digital Product Agency

IndiaNic is a professional firm specialized in Mobile App Development and Gaming software. Their developers have higher expertise in IOS and Android App development. They also provide services for ranging your Application on Google or Apple Play store. The other best part of IndiaNic is the love for the Gaming industry. Their developers are motivated to make high-end games with 2D/3D signatures as well as VR technology experience for the business industry.

Best Services provided by IndiaNIC

  • Mobile and Console Games
  • Web Development and Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/ UI Analysis
  • Graphics Designing

Sunflower Lab 

Sunflower Lab is a US-based software house located in different cities of UAE. Sunflower provides excellent software services in different industry verticals and business domains. Since 2010, Sunflower Lab is dedicated to serving 100’s of clients from start-ups to fortune 5000 companies.

Best Services provided by Sunflower Lab

  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Avensia Group – Avensia Tech

An amazing Networking based firm guaranteed to make your business thrive more in far spaces. Avensia Tech Solutions are motivated to provide you with the best client-server module centered on Networking Management, Security, Surveillance and Wireless technology.

Best Services provided by Avensia Group

  • Networking and Switches
  • IT- Server, Laptops, and Desktop
  • Wifi or Network Access point
  • PBX or PABX
  • IT products and Equipment


Branex is thriving to reshape the digital marketing strategy and branding across Dubai. Branex specialized in Print Designing, portfolio Management, Custom Logo design, Website development, and designing. The company provides quality end-to-end marketing communication between client and customers.

Best Services provided by Branex

  • Corporate Identity and Branding
  • Company profile and Brouchers
  • SEO services
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Mobile Application



Aratech is solely based on Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. Aratech provides amazing results on Google ranking factors with minimal monthly fees increasing your firm branding or business. The firm is also specialized in PPC, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce product, and press release submission. The firm states to have full knowledge of Google algorithm and ranking factors that will aid them to rank faster on Google SERP.

Best Services provided by Aratech

  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Cloud Business Apps
  • Cloud Hosting
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Website development and design

Complete List of Top IT Companies Dubai UAE




Each company listed on our website has its own specialty. Match your experience and field with each company’s website and then choose the firm which best suits your situation. If you’re dedicated to working in any of these firms, now is the time to apply if you’re looking for a job. It is best to start your career with Dubai IT companies because the environment and government here are flexible. All the companies listed here are fully registered with the UAE government and delivers a wide range of IT-based services with global standards. Finding the right firm can be time consuming and difficult task. Always research for a specified company and then apply.

In order to search for the newest job available, you have to first visit each website and check their Career page. All the latest and updated jobs are listed on Career Page. If the company has an open vacancy, they will list there.

In order to get outsource your project to any specified company, Get a Quote from the Desired IT Company Dubai website or visit there about us page.