Top 7 Recruitment Agencies To Submit Your CV in Dubai

There are lots of recruitment agencies in Dubai that even a Google search won’t help you narrow it down to the best. But out of the thousands of agencies in Dubai, there are those not worth dropping your CV with, while there are others that you shouldn’t hesitate to pay a visit to.

Dubai stands as one of the business havens in the world, and with an ever-competitive market, job seekers are flooding the market in their numbers, which makes it even more difficult o find a job. Despite the immediate challenge of finding a job, using the services of a reliable recruitment agency, will make the process a bit easier.

Laws of employment in Dubai

It will do job seekers a whole lot of good if they learn about the laws of employment in Dubai. It is common to see several recruitment agencies and workers ignoring the law and overlooking them, which can lead to grave consequences.

Take one of the laws for instance which, states no agency can ask for visas of employees or another law which states agencies cannot ask for any charge or fee for prospective candidates.

The laws are well articulated, and it will do a whole lot of good if agencies and prospective candidate pay attention to these laws

Recruitment Agencies

Below is a list of the top 7 recruitment agencies in Dubai;

Alliance Recruitment Agency

The agency has over the years utilized several beneficial policies for job seekers in Dubai. With an extensive range of domain knowledge and experience, the Alliance Recruitment Agency is at the forefront of the recruitment industry in Dubai.

Jivaro Partners

This agency is the pioneer communication and marketing agency in Dubai that connects job seekers to the right companies. Jivaro partners oversee anything relating to event management, Branding, PR, and digital marketing. They aim to get the most creative individuals into their team.

As it stands, they are the only marketing recruitment agency in UAE, that connects companies to the right talents and creative minds.

CareerJet Dubai

This recruitment agency is specialized in helping companies discover the right person for a specified job, using the skills and experience of candidates. There is no prescribed way via which they connect the right candidate and the right job, but they provide a detailed list of people according to their various positions and niche.

Robert Murray and Associates

Robert Murray and Associates is one of the most reliable agencies in Dubai, that does an excellent job of matching the right talent for the right job in Dubai. The agency has top talents for top positions such as General Manager, Vice President, and Director.

Although the Agency’s head office is based in Dubai, it has other office scattered across Dubai. One merit this agency has over others is the fact that when you submit your CV to them, you will be contacted if there are any openings in your country.

BAC Middle East

BAC Middle East is the one agency where job seekers can find jobs relating to any industry in Dubai. They can match individuals with the right professional, and also, they have a detailed list that assists individuals to choose their preferred niche.


This agency is tailored for fresh graduate job seekers. Candidates are spoiled for choice as to which categories they can pick from. Job categories include IT, Accountancy, Banking, Supply Chain, Digital marketing and so on.

Michael Page

Added to their excellent recruitment services, Michael Page still offers counseling services for a job applicant who is trying to match their talents to the right sector. Companies are spoiled for choice when it comes to seeking top talented individuals that they can hire.

The company has a well-detailed list of professions from job seekers can make the company that fits their needs and requirements.


Job seekers can pick from various professions such as healthcare, Engineering and Manufacturing, Information Technology, supply chain, and lots more.

From the thousands of recruitment agencies in Dubai, we’ve listed the top 7 that offers the best services. At Redspider Web Design Agency, we are helping these top recruitment agencies to get the best talents in Dubai, and that has also propelled us to the top of our niche.

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