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Top 3 Facts about Web Images-Users Need to Know

We have observed a saying being repeated again and again often than not, an image utters a thousand words. This proverb is even real for websites and for online content. There is massive written content bumping for space that online users are either diverted with the power of web images. Here we are introducing top 3 facts of Web Designers Dubai and for web images that have come up in continuous surveys & studies. Knowing these top 3 facts regarding web images will support users to gain more leverage out of the websites and visual content.

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More than 46% of a sample of 2500 online informed that their first and most probably the single impression for a new website is its Website Design in Dubai. The brand quotient of such website is also observed based on how attractive or otherwise the website is. If the typography, the layout and web designing clicks along with online user they seem fully assured and trusting for that specific brand.

 Another fact about Web Designing Dubai is more than 93% of posts that shared on social media like Facebook occur to be infographics & images. Images occur to be amazingly engaging and enough share worthy comparatively written documents. All the basic reason why one must let its web images do the talking on Twitter & Facebook.

Local searches are supported from the use of web images. An observation among local searches discovered that 60% of the users’ respondents were interested towards exploring local searches if they produces proper images with Dubai Website Designing Company. Among that 60%, 23% were even agree to make deals with a specific brand that had great quality for web images to present through local searches. An amazing revelation for brands that works for local businesses.