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There is more to web design than an attractive website

There is more to web design than an attractive website. How would you feel if you received a nicely wrapped gift box and on opening it, found an empty can of juice? Well, you could have a good laugh because obviously, someone played a prank on you but the reaction wouldn’t be so subtle if it was concerning an important matter. That is how detestable it is to find a very attractive and well-organized website that has nothing to offer. It’s a waste of time and attention.


Several people have reasons to visit the websites in Dubai everyday and if you own a business in Dubai, you probably know why an online presence is important. However, website design in Dubai can be so measly done under the cover of an attractive interface; you have to know what to look out for so as to have a fully effective and productive website


Every website visitor is in search of information and you have to give that a priority while designing your web in Dubai. Avoid telling unnecessary story as most people only skim through web content so ensure that your font, spacing and outline makes it easy to get the key points without having to dwell too long on a page.

Your web content must provide relevant, specific and useful information to visitors that can help them make informed decisions. Ensure that your contents are authoritative and free of errors as you don’t know how wide they’ll reach

Ease of Use

A website is like a market, it has to be thoroughly mapped so one won’t get lost. Guide people through the pages of your website. Let them be able to navigate around without feeling like they have wandered to a jungle.

Synchronize your interface, graphics, texts and designs to give a harmonious feel. Make your website home. If people are comfortable navigating your website, it will be easy for them to trust you for business.


There is nothing as frustrating as a website that leaves you hanging. A website must be fully functional and free of hitches and glitches that turn visitors off like slow loading, page breaks, error messages and others. Nobody wants to endlessly wait to download a tutorial or register the same form several times over because it wouldn’t submit.


There is no point to having a beautiful website that no one visits. Web designing in Dubai must be with full integration of the regulations assisting search engine optimizations.

Use keywords in your texts frequently but make sure sentences retain sense and ensure your HTML code is not cluttered and so on. These will make you more visible than attractiveness alone. After all, you have to exist first to be seen and admired at all.


In all regards, your web designing in Dubai must be original. This does not mean you go off the grid totally as you must still meet user expectations. However, a good example serves as a template not a copy.