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The Trendy Ways to remain on Top of Google

Google’s Adwords are the best source to increase business through Google search engine, without jumping into the rat race of organic search. After a long search SEO Service providers add Keywords they want to show up for, exactly present the amount one is willing to pay, and they will present ads following targeted budget.

One needs to pay just when a user clicks on the Ad; Adwords is considered the most expensive advertising platform of the whole world. However, if a campaign is successful, it indicates that one has earned its money more than its cost, needs a lot of concentration, better understanding and analysis as how ads are presented in search results with SEO services in Dubai.

The Ads position is finalized by the value known as Ad Bank. Ad bank is the highest bid one makes on keywords, reproduced by a second value known as quality score. Quality score is finalized on each keyword. The quality score manages account factors as the relevance of the landing page, the interactions of the Ad copy, and extensions usage such as Location and call.

SEO Dubai presents the quality score as the value out of 10, it can be observed by hovering over the speech bubble beside every keyword in your account. Users keep search for the Keywords, Google runs a bidding war for Ad positions. The bidder or the SEO Company that you hire with the highest Ad rank gets the pole position; on the other hand, runners up are displayed in descending order.

In real terms, Ad having 5 score will pay twice as much for the same position as an Ad with Quality score of 10. This indicates how a quality website is required to manage the online marketing campaign and how even a small business can compete with its leading competitors.