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The Significance of HTML and CSS in Web Design

Generally all the websites on the web use HTML and CSS, So inside and out knowledge of innovation basics is essential for any web designer Dubai. Since beginning of web design, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a generally utilized dialect for the expert websites. HTML is truly confounding for somebody who has no experience utilizing it. Essentially HTML is a dialect or code that used to edit and position the text, image, videos, frames, color, background and other web page components with the assistance of a template i.e. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is an imperative component to deal with the presentation of web pages made utilizing HTML. CSS controls the position of the text, images, background, color, margin, padding, z-index, scrolling, animations and format of web pages. CSS3 has thought of the couple of most progressive and helpful components as of late, for example transitions, animations, font embedding, and pseudo selectors.


HTML is still an impeccable kind of coding for the principal pages of the website while CSS is not by any means take the spot of HTML.

HTML is valuable as an information structure for web pages though CSS is useful in dealing with a website’s look and feel.

HTML permits you to put text, images, sounds, videos, frames, colors, backgrounds and so forth through text dimension, textual style color, text style sort, styling around images, page design, mouse-over, and numerous more impacts are controlled by the CSS.

Your first code HTML and CSS Code

HTML is a predefined tag based programming importance you need to utilize all the officially characterized tags to put your information in a web page. Following is the HTML code and trust it will give you enough thought. Duplicate this code and glue in a document and save that record as doc.html.