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4 open-source software questions enterprise clients ask

Open software is considered to be less secure although it is definitely not insecure. The insecurity of software is dependent upon the community around it and if you compare between open software and closed software, then closed software is more insecure in comparison with open software because it is mostly surround by community of word press or magneto. The second question Web Developer Dubai relate to open software is as software is developed by people who don’t get paid for it so is the software less professional? Actually, software developers are paid for the code it develop for their client if it works and so it has to work well. Sometime software developer is paid or sometime company gets paid for which software developers works for.

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The third question is the hacking of open-software so whether it is easy to be hacked as everybody has the access to code? Again the same answer will come which is related to the community it is surrounded by. Well the hacking element can come to any software when it becomes popular. The popularity of the software attracts the Dubai Website Developers towards software and soon software is opened to exploit and threats. However big communities like word press or magneto are one who quickly reacts on hacking issues and they are ready to give solution for the exploitation.

Lastly the question is concerned to open source software are fully updated either not because it is available for free. Although it is not because programmers, Website Development Company gets a lot of money to for updating the open source software for their clients and client save their money as they do not need build the infrastructure right from the start.