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The development cost of a classifieds platform like Dubizzle

When we talk about the classified website, Dubizzle is the most used website in Qatar, Pakistan, Kuwait, and other countries. It is a famous website that was founded and launched in 2005, and since then, it has been growing and has been operating in more than 45 countries. When you plan to develop a website like Dubizzle, you might need to keep in mind that it might require a lot of effort and budget for you to create a website like this. Moreover, it will also require you to get a website that has so much in it and performs effectively.


Outstanding features of Dubizzle classifieds Website

There are various features of Dubizzle that people talk about, and when you are planning to start your classified website, you might need to enhance your website with these features.

  • The powerful system of location for this website is perfect, and you can quickly post advertisements. Also, you can find a pre-designed category list for better and quicker listing.
  • Single sign-in available, and there is no hassle for signing into the system.
  • The image gallery is vast, and the categorization is precise and need. You can quickly scroll through the images and contact the owner and the website support very quickly.
  • This website is being operated in multiple countries and multiple cities and offers a very simple user interface. You cannot only use it in English but also in Arabic. Also, you can find the job searching portal on this website for more functionality. The mobile application is also very simple and easy to use.

What will be the cost?

If you want to create and develop a website with all the features of Dubizzle and perform as effectively as this website, you might want to invest a little more. With the application for mobile phones, this website can be created between 1800 dollars to 2500 dollars based on the difficulty of the project. It can increase or decrease with time and based on the features you want to add to the system. You can create a leading website along with a landing page and mobile application. And you can also find out some great developers for your website. There are world-class

developers available that will help you develop such a great website in record time and on the best budget.

What feature should be included in the mobile application?

The mobile application has to be responsive, and therefore, there need to be some essential features.

  • Security of the sensitive data that is available in the mobile phone and also the payment details.
  • Quick load speed for the mobile application. You should optimize your website correctly and choose the proper server for this system.
  • Live chat support available on the mobile application. Without the chat support, nobody will be able to convey their queries.
  • Quick quality and screening process for the users. There shouldn’t be a lot of ADS or irrelevant as displayed on the website.

These are a few features that should be a part of your responsive mobile application. Make sure you work on the process and find out the relevant website developer to create the website.

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