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The connectivity of colors for website designing-Know About its Influence

The colors play a vital role in developing a website. There are various examples as how it affects the viewers like for a website for law and regulations, the font color is usually black, the websites, which promotes friendly environment, has either background green or fonts maybe would green because it reflects the subjects. The correlation of colors portrays complementation, vibrancy and contrasts in a design. Under the heading of complementation, there come relations of the colors as different combination of colors can catch attention of the visitors.

 colors for website designing

In similar way, it distracts when using weird combination of colors such as bright yellow with royal blue. Correlation of good colors can take the website to another level as a website becomes presentable, attractive and sophisticated. Under contrast heading, a good selection of back ground colors and text colors. By choosing a simple and complementary for text and background makes easier to read black & white text. While vice verse case, it make the visitors insane as they can read the content uneasily. Using of text of the brightest color reduces eye strain by focusing user’s attention. Just for starting up to design, light color could be used to for background and text color should be bright.

The third heading is vibrancy, which just means emotions of design. This concept can be understood through an example which is bright colors can make you energetic therefore bright colors can be used to promote or advertise the new products. While darker shades of different color can make you relax and focus on other important matters so could be use for website of news channels or reality shows so that it does not but immense impact on the visitors of the website.