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Sub Domains vs. Sub Directories – Which Is Better for SEO?

The URLs and the route of a site do make a difference for SEO however the components of site structure that influence SEO Dubai don’t end here. For instance, take sub spaces and sub registries. These are an alternate sample of a site’s structural components that do impact how Google positions results. While the distinction between when a page is in a sub catalog (additionally called a sub organizer) versus when it’s on a sub space may not be constantly immense, there are situations when it truly matters in the event that you utilize sub spaces or sub-indexes.

The Difference between a Sub Domain and a Sub Directory

Before we examine the focal points and burdens of sub areas and sub registries for SEO service, how about we elucidate the contrast between them.

Fundamentally, when you utilize sub areas, your URLs will resemble this:


Notice the “subdomain” part before your primary area. This part tells Google and your guests that the substance in the sub area is discrete from the substance of whatever remains of your site. An ordinary utilization for sub areas is for a business webpage where the website is divided from the rest and it lives on a subdomain of its own – i.e. blog.companysite.com. Locales with discussions (and other substance, for example articles) additionally often separate the discussion part on a sub space, for example, forum.contentsite.com.


The distinction is not simply in the punctuation. It goes past that and it’s identified with the sort of substance you have. There isn’t a tenet when to utilize sub areas and when to utilize sub catalogs however fundamentally if the substance is a decent possibility for a different site, then you run with sub spaces. On the off chance that the substance isn’t that much unique in relation to the principle content, you run with sub registries. Case in point, in the event that you have a site about web outline, you can have separate sub-indexes for exercises, free stuff, your fine art, and so on. However put the shop where you offer formats and outlines on a different area.