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Sophisticated Tips for SEO Blogs-Users Need to Know

Sophisticated Tips for SEO Blogs-Users Need to Know.Blog working is a source of investment; a person spends an hour of writing and then press publish button. With the assumption that you are placing some good, outstanding content one way to maximize the visibility to apply some necessary SEO rules to blog.

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There are five necessary practices for blog SEO:


The Tips for SEO Blogs-Users Need to Know experts focus to choose an appropriate phrase of keyword into your post. Ask yourself what your audience would type on Google to find your blog post?  The keyword must include 3 to 4 words not just one word like “basketball statistics”.


When you decide proper keyword, pepper them just into your post. If you are writing on Concert tickets and you don’t mention then Google has difficulty to find blog post for Concert Tickets. It will not display the post quickly as keyword is a way that helps Google to optimize post and find it quickly. According to SEO Services Dubai don’t do keyword stuffing just use proper keyword density.


Title & URL are completely different from each other, this is a different kind of blog optimization but its cool as URL & title closely interconnected with each other. When SEO Company Dubai add up your keyword in the title it will appear in the URL in such format (e.g. “Why CRM is like basketball statistics”  www.yoursite.com/why-crm-is-like-basketball-statistics). What users add into the post title will become as title tag, this is the webpage title as on the top of the page and browser and this is the most significant SEO indicator that is controlled by SEO’s.

Social Media Signals

Social signals are now becoming are much huge piece of the Google Puzzle and this is complicated to post your blog in front of as many people as possible. The wider the net, according to them SEO Dubai will catch someone interested what you have to say. Share it on the Facebook, LinkedIn, Google & Twitter.