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SMS Marketing – How to Plan a One-Way Campaign- Lets Explore it

SMS marketing has many advantages over other marketing channels: planned and campaigns can be deployed in minutes, and because users have a personal relationship with your cell phone, response rates are generally higher than other forms of marketing. Most importantly, text messaging campaigns cheap to make and cost effective if planned properly are.

SMS marketing Dubai can be much easier than other forms of marketing, because you only have 160 characters for SMS text messages available, so you certainly do not have to go to the expense of hiring a creative agency. However, to be successful SMS campaign is necessary to use common sense and planning to get your message effectively. Here are 5 simple tips to help you plan one-way SMS promotion.

Target Audience

Identify and understand your target market is probably the most important part of any campaign SMS. Any form of marketing to succeed, must be related to the target group, this is especially true for SMS offer turundus.2-by-1 is unlikely to appeal to anyone.

The Offer

Your bid must be something the public wants and compelling enough for them to apply. Just a reminder of the existence of customers who may be sufficient to increase the number through the door, usually, or offer discounts on purchases too.


Timing is everything! Take time for your message and you are wasting your money, get your timing right and you will see the benefits. Example sandwich does not make sense to offer a spectacular lunch at the end of the day, people have probably forgotten about it the next day.