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Smart phones Playing With Your Privacy

1984 was the year where Steve Jobs released the very first version of Macintosh computer. In the same year, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act were also signed in order to keep the computers away from fraud and abuse usage. Since then a lot of laws have been implemented on the usage of digital devices.


The need for electronic communications privacy increases on a daily basis along with the rising fraud attempts. Therefore, it is extremely important for the people to keep an eye on it in order to stay away from hassle.

Modern world people are extremely close to their smartphones. As a result, a lot of frauds take place every single day through smartphones. Are the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in a position to offer legal assistance to people who become victims of abuse through their smartphones? Well, this has become an interesting question and there is much debate about it at the moment.

However, legal professionals say that smartphones do not fall into this category. Therefore, all the people who use smartphones are at a risk. As a result, it is extremely important for you to get a better understanding about the privacy issues that are related to smartphones. Then you will get the opportunity to stay away from hassle.

Few years back, we handled our personal and sensitive information in a different manner. The computers were our base stations. We used computers to store our business information, financial documents, pictures and other related information. If the files were stored in the computer at home, we had to wait until we go home to access them.

This trend changed in 2007, along with the introduction of Apple iPhone. Few years later, cloud systems were introduced and people preferred to store their sensitive information on a cloud because of its convenience. The smartphones have features that can be used to access your cloud easily.

Therefore, people don’t think twice before they store personal and sensitive information on their smartphones. As they carry the smartphone wherever they go, they will find it as an easy task to access information whenever they want as well.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that around 62% of the smartphone users do not use a passcode in order to lock their devices. This can leave all the sensitive information unprotected. What would happen if you leave your smartphone at a public place? If it gets into wrong hands, you will end up losing all your personal information.

The effects of such a situation cannot be reversed. The best option available for the smartphone users to stay away from this hassle is to stay away from storing sensitive information on their smartphones. It is strongly recommended by SMS marketing in UAE as well. If you are storing personal information, you will need to take necessary measures to strengthen the security. Using a finger print lock can be considered as a good option available.