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Should I Optimize My Website Into a More Responsive One?

If you are not optimized for devices like mobile, you are extremely losing sales. A research has shown that about 57% of mobile users are going to abandon your website if it will take more than three seconds to load, and around 30% are not going to make purchase if the transaction in shopping cart is not optimized for mobile devices. Considering just how essential a website can be for any small business, it seems only natural to be taking the additional care in order to make sure that the site is mobile friendly. It is amazing to see how a lot of websites are still not optimized for mobile users. Website designing company Dubai is offering mobile optimization for a more responsive website in order to generate more traffic. Here are the reasons why you need to have a mobile optimized website:

1. Mobile gets traffic – With about one quarter of the global web searches have conducted on a mobile device by around billions of users all over the world, mobile websites are just as significant or more than desktop versions. Many sources report that users of smartphone engage with mobile websites and applications while commuting to work, watching TV, and while using a computer simultaneously.

2. Mobile users are different – Mobile users have different goals as compared to users and this means they want information in easily digestible bites. The customers report that their mobile purchases are usually impulsive purchases and some statistics show that mobile users send more money every purchase than customers do on desktop websites. This underscores the significances to optimize your mobile experience in order to match the behaviors and needs of the visitor in the context about how they will most like browse your website. Through making the path to buy or inquire intuitive and simple, you will align more precisely with mobile users who are in need information to rapidly make decisions on the fly.

3. Increased conversions – Desktop websites in mobile browsers are not effective in converting into purchasers. CTAs are usually obscured, links are hard to click, and the contact pages are buried in some awkward menus. The mobile shoppers have bit patience for an unwieldy site and 1/3 of them will be leaving a transaction if the website is not optimized for mobile. In order to make the most of mobile, Call to Actions need to be easy and clear to click and the contact information must be one of the first things that visitors see. Around 80% of many shoppers admit that their mobile purchases are driven by impulsive and that they are more likely to buy from, interacting with a brand, which are offering an engaging mobile experience.

4. Better brand engagement – People will like your brand more if you are offering a satisfying mobile experience and they will be returning to your website later on a desktop. Over 90% of people report moving between devices, or known as multi-screening, in order to accomplish a task. When your mobile experience is optimized for consistency and functionality that it fosters affinity and trust with users.