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Reasons a site hit by Google Penguin Won’t Recover- Know from SEO Perspective

Here are some of the reasons a site hit by Google penguin wont be able to recover. The penguin algorithm was created to know which websites are cheating in order to improve their ranking Google search. When this algorithm recognizes the unnatural links to a website is usually the cause for getting affected very badly by the penguin. It is the fundamental reason for not having recovered the website. Therefore, SEO Company Dubai considers it is better to cut out the links.

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However, SEO Dubai try to cut out as many links as possible as it could be one of the reason for not recovering the website from penguin. A link for you paid for or made a link by the website owner itself then it would considered as natural link otherwise not. If your removing a link then do it up to a domain level, otherwise the problems will arise when uploading the wrong type of file for your disavow that it wouldn’t work (and you used to get no notification for this) though now you will get an error message if you upload an improper file type.

 After erasing the unnatural links, still it wont worth the effort because penguin takes ample of time in order to refresh so need to wait refreshment as when you are able to recover a site then it means your profile link is trustworthy for Google once again. Nowadays Google is working hard to rank the website according to natural links to website, as it will increase the experience of the visitor to Google. If you wont be able to get back the recovery for your website then it means your website does not rank well on SEO, which was ranking well due to unnatural links. There are number of websites that disallow your website to hold back or not to rank well on SEO like panda and penguin. Panda allow ranking according to page quality rather than according to links. So to manage these all complications you need proper SEO Services in Dubai.