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Logo Designer Dubai – Trends For 2017

The Logo Designer Dubai trends keep on changing. Many new trends emerged in the previous year while many faded away as they never existed. The trends that did make it to the limelight and were the choice of any Logo Designer in Dubai because of their unique designs, creative aspects and many other factors are mentioned below;



The design involves the use of colors. Starting from one lighter to a higher tone, the logo design is all about stepped color increments. The trend is much popular these days and many are preferring it over the old style gradient designs.

Dynamic Color Palettes:

As you already know, this is not a new trend. The Dynamic color palettes trend has been here for a while now. The only difference you’ll find, however, is the use of this trend is getting more detailed and advanced. Google itself is the trend-setter for this type of logo design.

Half & Half:

This is yet another popular trend that came to the limelight in 2017. The trend involves the use of colors in manner which seems splitting to give it a more two dimensional effect.


This trend is new but gives a very mesmerizing look to the design. The design is like a loop that is continuous, never-ending. It engages the audience and captivates their minds. These types of logos are captivating, alluring, addictive and compelling in their own way.

Dubai Logo Design companies adopted these trends in the previous year and have successfully created many alluring and engaging logos with the help and use of these trends. They are still popular. Let’s see where the future takes them.