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Internet Marketing Company: Black Hat SEO Techniques That Doubles As White Hat

If you belong in the internet marketing industry with a good SEO Dubai, then you might as well are very much familiar with terms like Black Hat SEO and White Hat. In SEO terminology, the first one refers to the consistent sue of aggressive SEO techniques, strategies and tactics that focus not on human audience but on search engines only. The Black Hat SEO usually doesn’t obey the search engine guidelines. Some of the techniques in Black Hat SEO include invisible texting, keyword stuffing, adding unrelated keywords right to the page content, doorway pages and page swapping or changing the whole webpage after it has been ranked by the search engines.

This kind of technique can be seen in most companies that want to have quick returns in SEO Dubai. It is also more frequently by those people who are looking for a very quick financial return right on their website, rather than a long-term investment. Though there is a good side in this, the only consequence is that your website might be banned from the search engine but to some this is just an irrelevant risk because they are just after the quick and high returns to their business.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, refers to the usage or employment of optimization techniques, strategies and tactics that focus on the human audience which completely abides the search engine rules and policies and, obviously, opposes the Black hat SEO. But have you ever think of a Black hat SEO technique that doubles as the White Hat SEO in SEO Dubai rankings? It seems impossible but it is very much possible if you just know how.

The antagonism between the white hat and black hat SEO strategies has been a hot topic for a few years now, since the existence off Search Optimization Engines. Here are some Black Hat SEO Techniques that you can use to gain SEO Dubai that can dominate the SERPs and doubles as the White Hat:

Parasite Hosting – this refers to techniques that revolve around operating or generating pages on a high authority domain that surely ranks very well in Google. The said pages point to a site that the user wants to promote, which boosts their position based on a certain host’s ranking. This approach basically involves stealing so of the attention that the parasite site gains or gets to enjoy and access its already achieved authority right in Google. Another fact about this approach is that the real owner of the host has no any single idea about this processes and the page was successfully created without his permission and knowledge.

Google Bombing- this is another SEO Dubai technique that can help you dominate SERPs. This involves a brand new page and was not, in any way, created with black hat SEO content. The thing that one must do with this approach is to build links that can create a very solid authority. This approach involves the use of automated software in order to generate a lot of links on a large number of sites, forums, web directories and blogs.