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How site Speed affects SEO?- Is It Just a Myth

A SEO such as Google considers number factors for ranking search engine results. The factors may be related to the content of the website either or measurement of authenticity of the website itself like domain name, number & quality inbound links. A poor performing website, which leads to bad user experience, therefore this website, need less promotion on search result of Google that is how a website is ranked in accordance with Google from an expert SEO Dubai. Therefore, increase your customer satisfaction by improving your website to improve your ranking.

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When using 2 to 3 words for searching. A website speed is another important factor to improve your ranking on SEO.A site speed gets impacted  because of either it a takes a lot of time to load or other competing pages may have greater relevancy scores and close link metrics. However, this factor is least cause to affect the SEO ranking. According to SEO Company Dubai there are number of measures that lead to improve the speed of your site, which are written below:

 SEO in Dubai focus to remove number of items that take a lot of time to load which could be style sheets, scripts. This result in less number requests from HTTP and the page will load faster. A use of CSS sprite if possible like combine images used in the website and use it on one page which leads to less requests from HTTP. By optimizing the formats of the images, you are essentially formatting the images in a smarter way so that you end up with a smaller file size. Hence, ensure the images are optimized. Use of content delivery network which allow your visitor or user to download rapidly. SEO Dubai use server side caching which will create a html page for a URL so that dynamic sites so you don’t have to build a page each time that URL is requested. There are number of other ways to improve website speed.