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How competitors can hurt rankings and how one can stop them

There are number of reasons why competitors hurt your rankings. The most important reason could have been the content of the website for which visitor look up to and while Google Algorithm also rank according the content and also appreciate natural links to the website which only when either the link are paid for or it has reviewed a lot of time or it has created by the owner itself is considered to be the natural link. Otherwise it will remove all the unnatural links.

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The better SEO Dubai strategy along a better marketing campaign for the website will lead to out rank than your website ranking. Hence an improved SEO Dubai tactics along with continuous marketing of website could hopefully improve the ranking.Remeber not everyone gets number one position in the race so target like for top 5 positions to lead the race. Now come to aspect of link building, always select reputable sites for link building campaign and after specified time period, also check whether it is worthy to display your link on their website so that it does not affect the reputation of website.

Sometimes the competitors pay to the sites to display the links on non desirable website and that is why it is important to look back the links. Then if it is on non-desirable website, use disavow tool from Google to remove that link as the link is not worthy for the website. Website the can also take feedback from the user in order to improve the ranking and take respective measures to resolve the issue. And show the respective measures you have to taken to the user so it increase their satisfaction and retain the user as it will not switch to other website. A back link monitoring tool can also be used to spot bad links and when you use it, it will allow displaying back links.