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Evaluation Criteria for Web Development

The website should be professional looking along efficient and effective functioning is always important thing, as clients will remain unsatisfied if website does not work well and they will not come back to the website again. The URL is uniform resource locator, which means that website address, the website address should be short and memorable so that it is easy to remember. Web Developers of Dubai keep all pages of website should be kept under size of 50K otherwise the download time of website should enough that user can’t wait for downloading it. Most importantly the homepage should be small otherwise it will not quick to download it.

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The website should be clearly written, easily understandable along with this, it should not be cluttered with images and text otherwise it will be confusing for the viewer to understand and therefore use the information purposely. Sometime website allow the viewer to enter the website only if they download certain software, that creates annoyance and confusion as everybody will not be able to the way to download. Like for product, the website should also have unique selling point (USP) which creates a brand image for the website so it will convince the user to come to same website as it has USP. But for all this purpose you need Website Development Company Dubai.

Contact details should be there on a website page so viewer can easily contact whenever it is needed it and website will become an interactive website. Sometime web Development Dubai force the user to register or subscribe to the website so that website can create a database of its customer but they do not appreciated it and however they will never turn back to the website again. Website should also have credential validation, which is good develop a relationship between user and business.