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Essential Elements of a Landing Page (Web Designing)

You might come across in landing page and you might not recognized it. Landing page is just where a visitor lands but specialized landing page is where you guide a visitor to do activity. That activity can be either to sign up for new-letter or to buy an e-book or hire a designer. Well attractive content is on the landing page, which does not let you close the window. According to Website Designe Dubai, the reason behind the landing page is to convert visitors to followers rather creating popup windows or cheapo gimmicks. However, some website tries to create landing page in which auto play video or with endless, repetitive content.

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If we look at a typical website Design in Dubai, it wants the visitors roam wherever they wish to like contact page or blog page or home page. Landing page has a reason for its creation, which is to convince the visitor to do some action. Some essential elements of a landing page are unique selling proposition is about what you are offering  and how is it different from competitors, the hero shot is about the representation of the landing page which should be clear and easily understandable. The third factor is the benefits; all the benefits should be listed and detailed on the landing page.

The fourth factor is the social proof which could be either review, have bought, consumed, read or participated in, it convince the others to do so as it has certain benefits. Other social proof are customer testimonials, social signals (whether it has been appreciated in the market or not) awards, reviews from customers or experts, trust seals from relevant bodies. The last factor is the conversion goal, which is to convert the visitor to regular reviewer or customer, which is the most important factor of all. The best thing is Website Designing Company do focus upon all these factors.