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Dubizzle Business Model – How They Did It. | Complete Guide

Dubizzle Business Model is an online classified website offering to buy and sell services in UAE. It’s a free Advertisement website where business owners can sell and buy different services or can reach out to potential customers around the world.

Dubizzle handles thousands of organic traffic per day making it the most potential business reach for many operations. Despite being one of the best websites in the world, Dubizzle was once an ordinary website with zero visitors per day. The founder of the website Sim Whatley and J.C Butler was struggling to run an online business and literally gave up on their dreams so many times.


Still, they had innovation in mind to create a potential platform for business owners. At that time, the only way to reach out to the audience is through the Advertisement media industry. Here you buy billboards, flex, and run different advertisements on TV channels. All of this procedure was expensive and many business owners just don’t start selling their products because the media industry was expensive.

Whatley and Butler wanted to make a platform where a user can come easily, join the platform and reach out to thousands of customers free of cost. At an early stage, Dubizzle faced a lot of challenges. The owners made a lot of mistakes and have learned a lot of things from these mistakes. But their motivation and dedication are what led Dubizzle one of the growing business platforms in the UAE.

The developers shared their vision with the world and motivated many entrepreneurs in their recent seminar.

Solve Problems That You Face and Don’t Give Up

As an entrepreneur, your job is to face your problems, not run from it. Many entrepreneurs gave up on their dreams because of the lack of trying. They try 1 – 2 months or a whole year trying to make a successful business. If they don’t get any results, they just shut down their business operation. It is important to note here that it took Dubizzle 8 years to become what it is today.

Create A Helpful Environment For People

If your target is to make money and spam people of fake products then you’re not successful in this competitive environment. Always think about your customer first. There are a lot of people that are job seekers or wanted to buy a laptop for their work. Create a simple and easy environment for these people and have trust in society.

Make A Plan And Stick To It

It took me a lot of time to understand this sentence.

Your values are your culture, and your culture is your brand.”

When Dubizzle started there were only 2 people. The developers value their culture and later it became a brand. Treat your product as a brand from the first day. By simply defining your values, you will create a successful brand that others will love too.

Follow a Positive Role Model

Every successful businessman follows a role model in their life. Find yourself a role model and follow their path of becoming successful. Surround yourself with goad oriented, energetic, sharp, optimistic and broad-minded individuals. You can learn a lot of things from these people and the best part is that it’s free.

Make a Pattern Of Everyday Habits

Make a work routine and stick to it. Do not push your work for later, instead of solve them as quickly as possible. It is a great idea to start your day with a healthy activity. Have a healthy lunch, exercise a little, spend some time with your family, give some personal time to yourself and then follow your business pattern. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your life goals.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Failure is considered as a stepping stone for success. At some point in our life, we all face failures either it’s a mental or physical state. Always remind yourself of all the little achievements you have made in your life. If you just focus on your failure then chances are that you will develop a dark side in yourself. It is a good idea to capture these achievement moments and surround yourself with them. This is like a daily dose of inspiration.

Understand the Difference Between External and Internal Motivation

According to experts, there are two types of motivation for successful people. Motivation can be internal or external.

Internal Motivation comes from within a person. It is the ability to grow as you desire, challenge oneself and continually improving as self-defined person.

External Motivation comes from the outside world. Like you have won a price or got the highest marks in Maths test. Both of these motivations play an important role in our life.

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Don’t think, Try

A lot of people think very hard to start a business. They just wait for the right moment to start their operation. It’s not a bad habit but it not always works. We believe that you should start your business today. Not whole but at least start from smaller chunks.

Your vision matters to the world. Dubizzle achieving its vision doesn’t just impact the Providence, it also impacts millions of people and makes their life fair, efficient and transparent. From the start, we were always sharing ideas with each other.

Whenever the odds were against us, we always faced our problems and have unfettered faith. If we just think that “we will start tomorrow” and promised yourself this multiple times then we wouldn’t have come this far.

If you’re confident then your vision can change the life of many people then failure is not an option. The past 15 years have been   an adventure for us. I’ve met many talented people and had the opportunity to work with a team that is constantly providing amazing services. In the next couple of years, Dubizzle will operate in other regions of the world. I wish you to have an adventures life of your own.”

J.C Butler founder of Dubizzle website.

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