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DreamHost VPS and Dedicated Servers Hosting Services

DreamHost is known for its remarkable inventions when it comes to servers for businesses, e-commerce web designs, designers, and developers. DreamHost has the perfect hosting server to suit your various needs.


So many hosting plans are available, depending on the client’s specification or preference. Hosting plans that have been designed for a large traffic include VPS and Dedicated server. The VPS and Dedicated servers hosting services allow the user to customize the server; it is not accessible by shared users.

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) server is a solution that provides hosting services by running on SSDs (Solid State Drives). It exists as an add-on feature on a DreamHost plan. This hosting solution creates a virtual machine by utilizing a Linux-Vserver. The virtual machine protects the resources on the RAM and CPU from other people using the same machine.

This VPS feature is made possible by the isolation of the kernel level. This isolation allows the virtual private server to run so many units at the same time.  The units that have been isolated ensure that the level of security required is met. This does not impair the efficient utilization of resources that are available to run on the same kernel.

The DreamHost VPS solution is a suitable choice for web developers, web designers, and e-commerce web design that use more resources. It can also be used for different types of business. This hosting solution is designed for scalability and speed. The stability and increased power of VPS have contributed positively to e-commerce website design.

Other features of VPS include scalable RAM, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidths, XCache, Phusion Passenger, RVM (Ruby Version Manager), access to raw log files, password protection, unlimited FTP users and email accounts, Crontab access, Ngnix, one-click application installer, and many more. The hosting services of VPS can also be enhanced for e-commerce web design by enabling the MySQL VPS add-on feature (optional service).

The DreamHost Dedicated server is a full-power premium server that contains the user’s data and websites. Customers or clients can neither have access to nor share the resources available on it. Hence, the name “Dedicated”…it is designed strictly for the user’s data.

The Dedicated server can be customized to suit the preference of the user. However, users must be careful when customizing the servers as errors might occur during the customization process. The DreamHost dedicated server also has a notable feature which is known as the MySQL server (with full root access). MySQL servers are often designed as a server that is separated from the Dedicated server.

But this server is part of the dedicated server; its function is to speed up accessibility. Dedicated servers are designed to fully manage business-class servers. This full-power server hosting solution is suitable for huge websites and applications that are resource heavy. It is stronger compared to VPS. The other available features on a Dedicated server include root access, RAID (multiple hard drives) storage, approximately 2TB storage with HDD, and Dedicated RAM and CPU resources.