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Do you think SEO Campaign is effective?

Although there is no hard and fast rule to measure the success of campaign of SEO Dubai. However following certain steps leads the campaign to be effective. The process of the SEO company should be clear and accustomed for each of the client. Therefore, a company which provides SEO service Dubai should know what are your aims for your website.


The first and foremost step is to use appropriate keywords which leads your customers to search you by using those keywords and keywords should incorporate the theme of business. Keywords should always relate to the content of the website. An example for using the keyword can be suppose if you have a computer repair shop located in one or two places of the city and of course you would not be able to serve out of your area, so the keyword for this kind of the business cannot be “computer repair”.

For this kind of business a suitable keyword can be which attracts more traffic from different places. After the keyword, the content should be reflected by the website but also content should be updated on regular basis. SEO Services Dubai includes up gradation of Meta tags, page titles and text headings of the website .Up gradation of the website can be done through rewriting the content, adding the section in website or reducing them and reorganizing the structure of the website. Sometimes even after doing so many things, these measures do not lead to success, as promotion is required for the website.

Promotion of the website can be done displaying the links of the website on other website and so there are kind of links which natural links and unnatural links. A natural link on the other websites for the website leads to higher ranking of the website on SEO Dubai. However unnatural links are removed by Google as they are unpaid links and they are not by the creator of the website.