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Bayut Clone Script: Launch Your Own Property Listings Platform

Do you know that Bayut makes a lot of money, between $15 million and $25 million every year? They earn this money because many people visit their website. In July 2023, 5.3 million people went to their website. If you want to make a real estate Bayut clone, you’re in the right spot. We’ll tell you what Bayut is and how to make an app like it.

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What Is Bayut?

“Bayut” is a famous website in the UAE where people can look for houses and offices to buy or rent. They have lots of listings for different types of properties like apartments and offices in different places in the UAE.

Must-Have Features In Your Bayut Clone Property Finder 

To make a successful real estate property finder clone app like Bayut, you need to include specific things that help people find and buy or rent houses and offices. Here are some important features to think about:

Property Listings: You should have a lot of information about the properties available for sale or rent. This includes detailed descriptions, good pictures, virtual tours, and property details.

Search Filters: Make it easy for users to find what they want by adding filters. People can use these filters to narrow down their search based on things like where they want to live, how much they want to spend, the type of property, size, and what’s nearby.

Map: Put a map in your app so people can see where the properties are located. This helps them understand where the properties are and what’s around them.

User Profiles: Let users make their own profiles where they can save their searches, mark properties they like, and get suggestions for properties that match their interests.

Real Estate Agents: Show profiles and contact information of real estate agents or property managers linked to the properties. This helps users easily get in touch with them.

Communication Tools: Put in a way for users to send messages or chat with property owners, agents, or other people interested in the properties.

Virtual Tours: Include 360-degree virtual tours or videos that show what the properties look like. This makes it feel like you’re really there.

How to Make an App Like Bayut – Step by Step

 Idea and Planning:

  • First, figure out what your app will do and who will use it.
  • Look at what other similar apps (like Bayut) are doing and find what’s missing.

 Features and How It Works:

  • Decide what your app will do, like showing houses, search filters, user profiles, chatting, virtual tours, and reviews.
  • Choose the most important features based on what people want and what’s popular.

 Choose Where to Make It:

  • Decide if your bayut clone app will be on iPhones, Android phones, or both.
  • You can also use tools that work for both to make things easier.

Making It Look Good and Easy to Use:

  • Make the app easy to use with a design that’s simple and looks good.
  • Draw pictures of how the app will look so you can see it before making it.

Making the Inside Work:

  • Build a strong inside part to manage houses, user profiles, messages, and other stuff.
  • Make sure it’s safe to store information about houses and users.

Adding Houses and Keeping Track:

  • Make a place where people who have houses can add them and control them easily.
  • Let them put in lots of details about the houses, like what they look like and where they are.

Making It Easy to Find Houses:

  • Create a way for people to easily search for houses using things like where they are, how much they cost, how big they are, and what they have.
  • Put maps in the app so people can see where the houses are and what’s close by.

User Accounts and Talking to Others:

  • Make a part where users can make their own accounts. They can save their favorite houses and talk to the people selling them.
  • Let people show what the houses look like with videos and pictures.

What Other People Say and How the App Makes Money:

  • Let people say what they think about houses, agents, and the app itself with reviews and ratings.
  • Decide how you’ll make money with your app, like charging people to put their houses up for sale, having subscription plans, or showing ads.

Testing and Making Sure It Works:

  • Check if the app works well, is easy to use, and works on different devices.
  • Launch the app by putting it on app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and tell people about it using the internet, social media, and partners.

How Red Spider Can Help You Develop A Bayut Clone Property Finder?

Team’s Real Estate App Expertise:

At Red Spider, we have a lot of experience in making real estate apps that make people’s experiences better and help businesses grow. Our developers know a lot about things like showing houses, search tools, user accounts, and more, which are important for an app like Bayut.

Solutions Made Just for You:

We know that each app is different and has its own needs. The team will talk to you to understand what you want, whether it’s special search options, virtual tours of houses, maps, or making it easy for people to talk to each other and agents. We promise to make an app that’s just what you want and stands out from the others.

A Strong Foundation Behind the Scenes:

Red Spider makes sure the part of the app that you don’t see but is important works really well. It can handle lots of information about houses, user accounts, messages, and other important things. This means your app won’t have problems even if lots of people use it.

Adding Advanced Features:

If you want special things like virtual tours of houses, lots of information about properties, maps that you can play with, or making it easy for people to talk to agents, we can do that. It makes your app even better and more useful.