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Banner Advertising – Tips and Tricks

The main purpose of banner advertising is to form an immediate impact on the observer’s mind, convincing him to click the hyperlinked logo or the banner ad located on the net page. Hence, the result of a banner ad in terms of its define and placement is of great importance.So as to conduct banner advertising needless to say and create the promotion successful, there are some tips and tricks which need to be followed. The first step towards successful banner advertising is that the usage of the word “Free” with the net banner offering free sample or a trial. Free deals are sometimes appreciated by the individuals; hence it persuades the visitor to click onto the ad, consequently increasing the click-rate.

The percentage increase in the banner click-through is believed to be a contributing factor in effective banner advertising.The second issue acting as a stimulator for the banner click-through is that the usage of bright colours for banner ads. Banners should be designed in brilliant colours together with blue, inexperienced and yellow whereas the applying of white, red and black colours ought to be avoided.

Moreover, the banners should be self-explanatory stating offers during a comprehensive and a temporary way.The employment of animated banners composing of the Java or a gif animation is additionally helpful for banner advertising. It might increase the response rates by 25%. Animation exhibiting horizontal movements has proven to be eye-catching and grabs one attention quickly. Banner advertising could be given a lift by using suitable phrases like “Click Here“, “Visit Now” and “Enter Here” with the banner ads. Research estimates counsel that the click rate increases by fifteen% if the banners embrace instructional words located at the correct-hand side of the banner.

Sure interactive icons like radio buttons and click-on boxes could also improve banner advertising to a considerable extent.Testing banner advertisements on several ad networks before deciding a specific one is also one of the points to target to create sure that the banner campaigns are effective. It permits one to see the acceptable banner ad designed to attract a ton of visitors.