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Amazon and differences between Google and Amazon SEO?

Amazon and differences between Google and Amazon SEO?Amazon is a tech giant in the world of e-commerce. Cover a huge market of roundabout 60 % of products of the world available on e-commerce. If we say it is a search engine of e-commerce, then it is a perfect fit.

amazon seo

Amazon SEO:

As now, we knew that amazon is working as a giant search engine of e-commerce and listing millions of products.There is a must need to optimize these products with amazon. Here’s the technical term arise, which called seo for amazon or Search engine optimization for amazon. But how the Amazon search engine change the normal search engine seo

Difference Between Amazon and other Search Engines SEO:

What are the key differences between Amazon seo and another search engine seo? As an example, we are taking here Google seo. Both search engines work through keywords, but where the difference comes in, we will discuss below.One thing that worth sharing is that you cannot apply the same seo principles on Amazon to rank your product as you apply on google for ranking your site.

Google Search Queries, Amazon Search Product:

The google search engine finds an answer to a query, searched by the end-user. While on the other hand, Amazon search engine finds the product which matches the keywords which are search by the end-user, and that’s the basic difference that you consider doing Amazon’s SEO.

Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords: 

When you do seo for your site for Google, your focus must be on two or three long-tail phrases, so it must give results in many queries. But on the other hand, this is not the case in the amazon seo. Amazon focuses on short-tail phrases and gives results of products.

Repetition of Keywords:

Still, for Amazon, it not work that way. You are making a webpage to optimize it with Amazon.


Amazon doesn’t prefer backlinks because he does not think that backlinking is relevant to the customer’s purchasing of a product because, as a human, he has unpredictable nature of liking and disliking the things or products.
While Google prefers backlinking a site that has more backlinks from reputable websites have more chances to rank good in the google search engine.

Clicks Vs. Sales:  

Ranking on Amazon does not depend on clicks. It depends on the sale of that product for better ranking. While on the other hand, Google prefers to rank that sites good, which are getting more clicks.

Wrapping it up !

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