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7 Types of Logo Design Services & How To Use Them

A business logo is a type of image that can tell your brand’s story. Do you know that there are 7 types of Logo Designing Services that web developers use? All the logo designs are a blend of fonts and images, but every logo design gives your brand a new feel and vibe. The business logo is the first thing that potential customers will see. This is why it is important to use a logo design that leaves a lasting impression.

7 Types of Logo Design in Dubai
7 Types of Logo Design in Dubai

7 Types Of Logo Design Services

Here are the 7 Types of Logo Design Services that you must know about:

  1. Monogram logos
  2. Pictorial marks 
  3. Wordmarks 
  4. Mascots
  5. Abstract logo 
  6. The Emblem
  7. The Combination Mark

Monogram logos

Monogram logos design consists of letters. This logo usually involves the brand initials. There is a certain pattern that includes the initials of your business or brand name. If your business has a long name, then you can always use the initials to create your logo. The customers will be able to remember your brand’s name easily as there are just a few letters to remember. You can represent your organization by using the letters and initials of your business name.

This logo is based on typography and includes the initials of a company name mostly. You can utilize a few letters and make your logo effective. The logo design including letters is an effective strategy to streamline your business name in the minds of the customers.

How to Use Monogram Logos?

The focus of this logo design is on the initials. It is important to choose the right and this will ensure that your logo is designed according to your brand’s philosophy. You should make sure that the font you choose for your logo can be printed on business cards as well. If you are not an established business, then it is always a great idea to include your full name under the logo.

Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark is commonly called a logo symbol. It is an icon and is designed with the help of graphics. The 7 Types of Logo Design Services include an image that tells your brand’s objectives and goals. Big names like Apple and Twitter have used the pictorial mark logo to target their potential visitors. The mark alone will make you recognizable among potential customers.

How To Use Pictorial Marks?

It is important to choose the right image when you use this logo design. The image should reflect your goals and targets. It should also be able to represent the products and services you intend to offer.


A word mark is a font-based logo. This logo design is based on the name of the business alone. Brands like Coca-Cola use their business name and have managed to gain so much success. Wordmark logos can work well if your company has a distinct name.

How To Use Wordmarks? 

If your business name is catchy and can be easily memorized by customers, then choosing this logo design may be the right choice for you. However, it is important to ensure that you choose impressive typography while designing your business logo. memorable so, when combined with strong typography, the logo helps create strong brand recognition. The focus of your logo will be on your name and this is why it is important to use traditional text instead of heavier text.


Mascot logos involve an illustrated character. It is often colorful and consists of a cartoonish character. The logo design is fun and is the perfect way to communicate with customers. The bespoke logo design helps you to create an illustrated character that talks to potential customers on behalf of your company. The cartoonish characters act as ambassadors of your business. Mascots are the perfect choice for brands that want to cater to the needs of families and children.

How To Use Mascots?

You must create a visually appealing character to create an impact on potential customers. Choosing the right colors will also make the 7 Types of Logo Design Services more presentable. Pay special attention while choosing the pictorial image to ensure that it is suitable even if you change your business model.

Abstract logo

An abstract logo design is a pictorial logo. In this logo, the web designers don’t use a recognizable image. The image in the abstract logo is in geometric form and presents your business to the customers. Similar to other logo types the abstract marks will convey your brand’s story with a single image.

How To Design Abstract Logo?

It is best not to get restricted to a certain picture to design the logo. Always make sure to choose a unique picture as this will help you to represent your brand uniquely. The image should be able to present your business symbolically.

The Emblem

The emblem 7 Types of Logo Design Services contains a font that is generated from a symbol or some icon. It is in the form of a badge or a seal. These logos have a traditional appearance and can leave a striking impact on your customers. This logo design is a popular choice for schools and organizations. This logo design has a classic style and presents your brand in an iconic way.

It is best to blend modern and traditional elements in the emblem logo design to make it more appealing. This logo design is not versatile so you must choose an intricate design that induces curiosity among the onlookers. The design should be simple and uncomplicated.

The Combination Mark

The combination mark logo design is a combination of all the 6 logos we have mentioned above. It includes text and pictures together. The image and text are printed side by side and present your business with style. This logo design is a versatile choice as it has text and pictures together.

Make sure to choose the text font wisely as this plays an important role in catching the attention of the customers. The picture or the mascot should also be designed exclusively for your brand. This logo doesn’t necessarily include your business name.