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3 Major Web Design Trends for 2014

Practically speaking, each new web design style have its roots buried in the past, a new Web Design Dubai style does not happens unpredictably, this is a step-by-step procedure. Every year some tiny incremental access, stimulated by quick-moving technological development and from this style designing web works. There are some predictions on designing front for 2014 year.

Dubai web design trends-2014

jQuery’s dwindling market share

When jQuery landed on the panorama, it bemused the designers. jQuery is a complete JavaScript library that maneuver DOM factors look so simple and implements on all browsers. jQuery amazingly abridges JavaScript programming. Apart this, it is all time inspiring library, and has become the vital building blocks of sites.  The majority of sites are based upon CSS, jQuery and HTML.

However, there is considerable number of faultfinders who realize that jQuery has some somber flaws. One of its versions 2.0 has support for IE 6, 7 and 8. jQuery is still a huge file when there is matter of load time. The additional http request and additional kb is inquiring for something as essential as opacity for huge amounts of DOM manipulation. These all trends will be embedded in trends of Website Designing Dubai.

How to Get Through

Start to learn your language behind jQuery, learn about the document.getElementById() functions. It will support users a feeling of vanilla JavaScript, and your ability to work with jQuery will be developed. Dubai Website Designer go for different sites if someone is certain that users will enjoy a value for diverging content of multiple gadgets, but one can ponder of these as micro sites. One can create responsive sites that highlight amazingly on all mobile screen sizes.

How to Come Through

In the next months, mobile users will cross the desktop users; however, this is not as the same percentage of desktop users will stick with double figures. Mobile first is a complete passing style, and never signify that desktop has been rushed to the back burner.  The Web Designers will create what they want to fulfill the users’ requirement.

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