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Website Design in Dubai – Don’t Put Music In The Background

When creating a Website Design in Dubai, taking into account the visitors’ perspective will go a long way. You may be the designer, you may have a lot of ideas, you may be more familiar with the designing concept than a layman, but that doesn’t make you their boss. They will still appreciate what they like. They won’t stick around to ask for your opinion or how you feel about your design. So don’t overcomplicate; don’t add music to the background.

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May you be trying to look cool, you may think its classy but to some users, it’s just plain annoying. Clearly, you’re not reading their minds but following your own by adding music to the background and to be honest, a large number of the users won’t even bother. You want to look cool, but the user wants efficiency from you.

You think if this is worse than what about that Web Designer in Dubai who puts music on every page and each of it has different music. That’s simply pushing things over the edge. Users will never want to come back to your website.

If you want to add music, make sure you give users the option to put a halt to it. So even if they get annoyed by the music, they have the option to stop it and continue and not leave your page for a website that doesn’t have any annoying music.