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Website Design and its Development – 5 Basic Stages

There are Website Design and its Development available on the internet with a variety of usefulness along with their qualities. What leads a website to be successful or unsuccessful? There is only one word due to which a normal website can become successful known as planning. Sometimes a ton of money on the development of the website is not a solution as the success of the website does not lie in here, whether developing a content-based website or developing an e-commerce website. It is essential to do planning even before writing a single line of code or sketching some basic design for the website because everything is important and everything needs time and concentration to develop for the website.

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A website design company in Dubai may have certain qualities that are attractive, user-friendly, and utilitarian to the supreme so you need to get web design services in Dubai. On the other hand poorly planned website needs to be developed again from scratch or tearing the website because of lack of attention from the visitors and therefore it is forgotten by the visitors. When the website is developed, certain key stages lead to layout solid foundation for the development of the website which are brainstorming, research, strategic brief, site map, and the creation of the content. Let’s have a quick overview of each of the key stages which are:


In this stage website owner meets with Website Design and its Development to know the details that need to be incorporated into the website such as functionality, appearance, business goals, etc.


In this phase, you will discuss the experiences of the competitor to learn and not make the same mistakes and also have the knowledge about which strategies lead to fulfill .

Strategic brief

Here there will be a formal written plan for the website which will include tables, design considerations, terms of project management, deliverables,s and future options related to expansions.

Sitemap is a detailed document about planned structure, navigation schema, and the inter-relation of the content of the website and interlink Website Design Dubai.

The creation of the content phase may need to create content for the website which should be fresh and should not be copied from other websites.