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Web portal development is the process of creating online platforms that serve as gateways to a wide range of information, services, and resources. These portals are designed to provide users with a centralized and organized access point, making it easier for them to find, interact with, and manage various online assets. Web portal development are not the same as the regular sites as it contains data from diverse sources in a structured manner. Each data is devoted to some committed region. In standard sites all the data is scattered on distinctive pages yet in web gateway, you can undoubtedly locate the diverse data in a solitary page. Web portal gives diverse sorts of administrations like email, news, web index, stock data, recreations and so forth so it is less demanding for the client to discover the data on a solitary page. Web portal means taking learning from diverse destinations. Web portal helps client to get distinctive sorts of data of associations in a solitary page.

Different types of web portals:

1. Personal portal-

An individual portal is a site on the wide reaching to network. It gives changed capability to its organization, the length of an approach to other substance.

2. News portals –

The set up media rooms all around the globe are quick adjusting to the new age advances. This denote begin of data portals by media houses crossways the world.

3. Government web portals

Many governments had effectively devoted to making gateway destinations for their people. These inherent essential portals to the administration and additionally portals private for explicit crowd.

4. Cultural portals

Educational portal aggregate digitized instructive accumulation of displays, libraries, chronicles, and galleries.

5. Corporate web portals

Corporate intranets developed in size and many-sided quality and website admin was confronted with expanding substance and client administration challenges.

6. Stock portals

Stock portals use online doors through a focal vault framework for the guests to purchase or offer their shares or deal with their portfolio.

7. Search portals

Search portals total results from a few web indexes into one page.

8. Tender’s portals

Tender’s portals remain for a portal to pursue, alter, submit, and file information on tenders and expert handling of ceaseless online tenders.

9. Hosted web portal

Hosted web portals picked up disrepute various organizations started offering them as a facilitated administration.

10. Domain-specific portals

various portals have happened that are particular to the specific area, offering access to related organizations and services.