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Web Design in 2014: What Designers Need to Look Out for?

It does not matter where you use your website but everywhere it needs an attractive impression to hold
attention of visitors. Official website is need of every business so every year different web designs are
expected from Dubai Web Designer. Following are some factors that users must look for website design

web design dubai

Fonts Typical to the Business Type
To design a website according to 2014 trends one need to focus on font than ever before. The leading
market players are focusing upon currently existing typography. Web designing Dubai needs some
important things, it does not matter which type of font you are using you must design font considering
user experience.

Avoid Complex Color Schemes
When you are making over a website, you have the chance to work with colors during applying
attractive shades there. One can always see upon creation of vibrant website for business. On the other
hand, the idea of using complicated color scheme is gradually on the wane. Besides this Dubai Website
Designer focus upon basic color usage that helps people to give the website a magical look.

Use Footers, Get Rid of Side Bars
Some years back, sidebars were very much popular among websites. A large number of websites that
users visit regularly had sidebars. However, with great advancements this trend is diminishing, rather
now users can find numerous websites without such type of sidebars. In spite of this, designers adapt
the current of long pages. In these days designs of web pages is wrapping the style of footer a lot that
used to be left out earlier.

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