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Types of Website Development-Users Need to Know

Types of Website Development-Users Need to Know.Websites are developed with a composite of different features and ideas taken from different types of websites. There are six types of Website Development in Dubai, which are listed below:

types of website development dubai

Static website design

This type of website is useful for small websites because it does not allow complex features. It does not have a database or interactive content and it is without server-side functionality. This kind of website is easier, cheaper, and faster to develop and build with a professional touch and stylish-looking website.

Basic brochure website

It is useful for small businesses and individuals that act as an advertisement or brochure of the business or for an individual. The brochure website can have 5 to 6 pages at max; can only be of 1 or 2 pages.

  • Home page
  • About/Philosophy
  • Your services
  • Contact
  • Links

Advanced static website

It is useful for small to medium-sized businesses because it allows to have features such as flash content, drop-down navigation, multimedia (video/audio), news page, social network plug-ins, image gallery, and animated j-query. These features allow the website to look slick, stylish, and interesting that’s why Web Developers Dubai focuses on it.

Dynamic website design

This is a type of Website Development-Users that performs complex functions and displays complex data along with interactive content. It is a standard way of designing larger websites as it arranges to add a large number of pages based on the same template. It makes use of server side programming and databases for storing the data and delivering the content.

E-commerce website

These websites are useful for businesses, which want to make money through selling their goods and services to customers.Users get all kinds of services from Website Development Company.