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The Increasing Demand and Trends of SEO

If you are not taking into consideration significant changes that Google is making to search algorithms than you are loosing an opportunity to improve your ranking on SEO. Therefore here are some trends listed below:

seo trends


Just a while ago Google has commenced a new section of first page of the result to advertise for in depth articles. A typically a article would contain 2000 character but some articles contain more than 5000 characters. There are mostly from renown publisher but a Google blog stated that they will also publish articles of  less renown publishers.

Nowadays micro data has become essential products, reviews, businesses and organizations, recipes, events and music. This point is further elaborated, by using micro data SEO people will easily figure out how to amend micro data in order to improve the ranking in search results. More tools will be available which will improve the micro data. Usage of micro data enable to be distinctive and people usually pick distinctive micro data after scanning through first page.

Nowadays Google authorship is linking the author with its content. The Google will also rank the content in accordance with reputation of the author like highly ranked author would be ranked highly by Google .With the passage of time after using Google, mostly Google user may have their account on Google which allow Google to track all the stuff that a user does with Google like searching something. Therefore an expert on SEO interactions with the user appear higher results for relevant searches. Google never wants their user to have an bad experience. However companies need to develop responsive design for the content which will SEO to display the result correctly.