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The Basics to Maintain a Responsive Web Design

The mobile consumption has met a raise over the years. In fact, mobile traffic has exceeded the desktop convention in 2014. The users of Smartphone are increasing everyday because of its benefits and they target the sites from tablets and mobiles.

However, some people do not have great experience while viewing these sites but creating an absolute website version for every resolutions and gadgets is impractical.

To manage this change RedSpider.ae experts are moving towards responsive either adaptive design. Surprised if your website must be optimized for mobile? With Google mobile’s latest algorithms declared 21, April 2015, now is additional motive than ever to have a website that is ready for mobile devices.

If that is not the basic cause then there are some reasons to have responsive web designs in Dubai:

1. Only One Website Needed

It is common experience that companies usually have two types of websites, a particular website and a standard website. Responsive design permits your site to manage screen size so everyone can visit it either on Smartphone, tablet either desktop thus purging the need for two separate sites.

2. Google Prefers Responsive Design

Google targets mobile sites versus responsive sites when it is concerned with search engine optimization. Mobile sites need a different URL for it to index and crawl various versions of the same site.

Website Designers can create mobile site pages but one needs to use canonical tags to inform Google which page they must account for in rankings since one will have replica content from mobile and non-mobile website. This is why it is very simple to have a responsive site that covers this all.

3. Best User Experience

An amalgamated responsive web design is the best way for users to grasp and conduit through a website. If you do not have, a responsive site means one cannot enjoy a user-friendly experience. Most probably that person will leave the site never come back again. As per Google, those bounce rate metrics in 1 of their 200 ranking factors. Therefore, if you wish to give the user has best UX design possible to help to reduce your bounce rate and give the best calls to actions.

Users must have perfect experience for site navigation and one can easily find things whichever gadget one decide to use. They must be able enough to read text, form filling and move to the content they wish to see with a broad view to the site. If the users get positive response from the Website Design, they are more likely to stay not bounce back to the search engines for more results.

To stay ahead of the competition, one must stay ahead of the game.  If a large crowd is using their mobile, devices for online purchase either for search queries then for one must cater to this audience by designing mobile friendly site such as Dubai Responsive design from Redspider experts. It is now becoming to move to format for web design corporate and quickly meet fame.